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When you enjoy health in your physical body, you can live an active life with your kids. From a young age, kids move a lot and you will be on your feet, bending and carrying them in your arms. It will feel like a workout to play with them. Caring for our bodies will ensure we can play with our kids.



Health is our responsibility, there is so much that we can do to stay balanced in all areas of our life. However, we don't control life. A healthy spiritual practice can support you in accepting the impermanence of life. Qigong and meditation are the best practices to practice surrender. There is ultimately something bigger than us and we are not in total control of anything. We can develop and grow our faith with experiences and knowledge. Faith that we are supported in our life journey.


"Happiness is not something ready made

it comes from your own actions"

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Your mood affects your health. Stress is accepted in our society but actually covers emotions of worry, anxiety, and fear. Many parents feel mentally unhealthy. Emotional suffering might seem to start as thoughts in the mind but it is an embodied experience. Anger and other upsetting emotions are triggered by trauma and are stuck in the body.

Studies show that Qi-Gong and Meditation calm turbulent minds, and promote healing by making room for a healthy expression of the full range of emotions. Raising kids is not for the faint of heart and many parents who practice Qi-Gong attest that this practice has brought more joy in their relationship with their kids.



Let's thrive to give our bodies the most nutrient-dense food possible. The concept of bio-individuality means we all have different bodies and needs. However, a whole food diet focused on more fresh vegetables is a sure way to provide our bodies with enough micronutrients.

We eat our emotions. The food we crave is connected to how we feel. Working on your emotional being will help with your food nutrition.


 “Qi” (pronounced chee) means energy, and “Gong” means to work, transform or cultivate. The creator of SFQ Grand Master Chunyi Linn's mission is "a healer in every home and a world without pain".

Pain can be physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

We can't live a happy life with pain.  We also can't take good care of kids if we suffer from pain.

SFQ recognizes how our emotions affect our mood, our health, and how fast we recover from illness. When you practice SFQ, you gain clarity on how to bring balance to your emotions.

Restricted emotions that we feel for too long are very damaging to our physical body. The heart will suffer from too much hatred. The stomach, from too much worry. The lungs get sick from too much sadness.  The kidneys which hold our life force energy suffer from fear.  Anger felt for too long is devastating for the liver.

Emotional health is about choosing how we feel and not allowing outside circumstances to affect our inside reality.

Qigong is a Self Love practice: Love, kindness, and Forgiveness.


The soma is "the body". Somatic attachment focuses on feeling our bodies and how they communicate with us. That "felt sense" can't be described with words sometimes, it is very subtle and it is felt at a deeper level. Being in touch with your emotions and offering your presence to your kids when they feel strong emotions, will create a strong bond between both of you. Kids need to feel a connection with their parents or caregivers in the soma.



How do I serve my clients?+ I offer 1:1 Health coachingI help my clients bring balance in their life following the circle of lifeI teach Whole food plant base cookingHealing childhood traumas psychologically and somatically


I teach 50min Qigong classes for vitality and stress relief

The class's focus is on the season we are in. Movements are supportive of the system on duty, and help open blockages to allow energy to flow. When energy flows, we are healthy.

We also focus on balancing our emotions and supporting ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Wednesdays 8am on zoom

Thursdays at 8am (in French) on zoom

Fridays 9am in Prospect Park 

Saturdays 10am in Prospect Park (mommy and baby) 


My first passion is food. My favorite place to be is farmers' markets for all the inspiration I get from looking at the colors of vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

My food is inspired by what I find at the market and the connections i make with the farmers.

I bake naturally sweetened whole-food desserts for your birthday parties, gatherings, and meetings for up to 50 people.

My desserts are beautiful to inspire joy.  GF and Vegan.

My food business is ecologically conscious: no waste, I compost food scraps and use compostable packaging.

Contact me for an individualized menu.



Institute of Integrative Nutrition, NYC

Integrative Health Coach (one on one coaching since 09/2021


Whole Food Nutrition
The Elimination Diet with Tom Malterre, MS, CN, and Alissa Segersten

Veghealth Institute 
Veghealth Nutrition Mastery program


Chef Aj Baking class

Wholefood desserts naturally sweetened

The Culinary Gym with Chef Katie Mae 
Wholefood cooking


Herbalism diploma
Ongoing with Dr. Patrick Jones from the Homegrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine


Qigong Group leader from Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ)

Studies with Grand Master Chunyi Lin since 2020

As of now, I am a student of Master Munira Jiwa and Qigong trainer Sue Crites.

Ongoing training and workshops on all body systems and energy healing (Level 2 certificate attached)



The Authentic over Calm course

with co-founders Re-connected Parenting Eleanor Mann and Emma Alta.



Somatic Therapy attachment certificate from The Embody lab
Training ends in June 2023

20h Trauma work with teacher Onami


My passion for health started with the love of food.

Stories rooted in my childhood, somewhere in my memories with my family in Tunisia.

I grew up eating food made from scratch and spending

a lot of time in the kitchen. I learned to cook by watching
my mother.

What we eat at a young age matters a lot.

Childhood is the best time to introduce vegetables, herbs, and other healthy foods. But it is never too late, I believe that change is possible at any age and my work is dedicated to raising up the next generation so they know how to take care of themselves.


Educating ourselves on how to eat the most nutritious diet is one of the best things we can do to live a joyful life.

I have taught kids of all ages to cook and they simply love it!

I have taught cooking to adults in my one on one coaching.

I am an activist for better food in public schools, you can read my food story "Tunis to Brooklyn".



Your radiance and this practice have been so helpful to me as I am working through some health issues and work/ family challenges as we unravel from covid isolation.

I am so grateful for this circle of women and the brightness it brings to my life now - thank you!

Jennifer Whitburn

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